Our Brands

Established in 2005, ZEETEX product portfolio comprises of tires, batteries & lubricants and offers over 500+ differentiated items for the automotive industry. There are a total of 511 items in the tire range, 51 sizes of batteries and 65 specifications of lubricants under the ZEETEX brand.
ZEETEX is an international brand, designed and developed to cater to the customer needs in every tire category for all types of vehicles. Be it on & off-road driving, high speed highway drive or heavy duty industrial operations, ZEETEX has the solution.
ZEETEX is sold all across the globe as it provides the assurance of quality, safety and compliance with environment requirements.

If someone is looking for safety, ride comfort, performance, lower noise, and at the same time an environment friendly solution, then ZEETEX is the choice. ZEETEX has unique tire patterns, provides better control, unmatched quality, and assurance of safety.

Performance Matters
ZEETEX with its proven performance & timely customer support is growing at a tremendous pace. This is because of our continuous effort to present consumers with high performance that is simultaneously environment friendly. ZEETEX is leading the way in product innovation and customer satisfaction. An automotive revolution is happening for the betterment of the global community. Be part of it.

Armstrong having a rich history has done wonders in the past, and is continuing its way forward to achieve the unexpected. Considering the untapped opportunities in the prolific market out there, Armstrong takes its milestones to a next level by offering well-needed qualities in its tire range.

Armstrong is proud to be unveiling this development where this step will keep pace with the long-term vision of establishing our presence across all segments of the market and to implement our global strategy of offering a wide range assortment to our customers.

Armstrong fills the gap for customers’ needs to serve them better than ever, where the core aim is to let them get the most of the tires. We ensure that our range possesses all those qualities for the customers that we promise to deliver.

Armstrong aims for continuous improvements in product quality to ensure that every new product rolled out is better than the previous one and have value-addition for the customers. In addition, Armstrong ensures that the quality of the tires is inline with internationally recognized standards, where compromising on the quality is not an option.