Mission and Vision

Group Mission

To enable varied business interests with a robust and state-of-the-art distribution capability grounded in superior service, uninterrupted and timely support, scalable to nourish growth and diversification across businesses.


Through commitment to employees, customers, partners, investors and the environment –

  • Provide an uninterrupted and holistic motoring experience by engaging in the business of automotive products and services.
  • Benchmark ourselves as the state-of-the-art providers of service, quality and value to all stakeholders.
  • Exceed all expectations on our distribution capability, ratified by external auditing and rating agencies.


Rooted to Honesty, Integrity, Trust and Dignity, we embrace

Respect: Unbiased, non-discriminating behavior in all aspects of our business and interactions.

Teamwork: Goal oriented, synergistic and positive interaction within and between stakeholders.

Innovation: Recognize and reward creative ideas from all quarters of the organization.

Ownership: Where every individual is accountable for the success of the engagement and the organization.

Transparency: Clear and border less communication of all aspects of the organization (policies, performance, guidelines and processes).

Empowerment: Where employees feel trusted and involved in the decision making process – evidenced by institutionalized empowerment


ZAFCO will be a globally recognized partner for creating superior values and excellence in enabling varied business interests of automotive products with a robust and state-of-the art distribution capabilities, superior service, and innovation, uninterrupted. ZAFCO will be a globally recognized partner for creating superior values and excellence in enabling varied business interests and timely support fostering growth and diversification –

Our Commitments:

  • To our Employees
    • To orient our employees at all time on company’s Vision, Mission, Core Values and Quality Policy;
    • To attract and retain the best talent by providing the best environment to work, rewards and recognition, career progression opportunities;
    • To improve the competency level of our employees through continuous training and development activities;
    • To conduct employee feedback mechanism at all levels; 5. To foster unity among our diversified Human Capital.
  • To our Customers
    • To deliver our commitments to the customers in full;
    • To provide an uninterrupted and holistic motoring experience by providing the best of products and services;
    • To gear our distribution capability to raise up to the expectations of our customers.
  • To our Company
    • To determine requirements of interested parties through risk based thinking approach;
    • To review the business objectives of the company to ensure that our investors are rewarded for their support and ensure corporate sustainability;
    • To establish, implement and review a proactive culture of preventive and continual improvement though Quality Management System.
  • To our Community
    • To remain committed as professional traders of tires, batteries and lubricants whose quality standards are in line with the social requirements and government regulations;
    • To participate in activities promoting environment and efforts towards a green community.

Date: February 1, 2017